Well-being Plan

Our Well-Being Plan outlines our objectives for improving well-being in Blaenau Gwent and meeting our duties under the Future Generations Act (2015). It is the result of an extensive process of ongoing conversations with the public through the Blaenau Gwent We Want engagement programme, close work with partner organisations and analysis of the evidence to build up a detailed picture of what well-being looks like here and what we can do to improve it.

The 5 objectives in the plan have been developed to reflect that Blaenau Gwent Wants….

  • The best start in life for everyone
  • Safe and friendly communities
  • To look after and protect the natural environment
  • To forge new pathways to prosperity
  • To encourage healthy lifestyles

These well-being objectives are ones we consider to have real power to bring about change, that are the most urgent and that the evidence tells us need the combined force of the Public Services Board partners to deliver and improve well-being.

The full plan can be found here