Future Generations Commissioner

"My job is to be the guardian of future generations. This means helping public bodies and those who make policy in Wales to think about the long-term impact their decisions have"Sophie Howe - Future Generations Commissioner for Wales  

We know that we'll be living longer,but are we going to be living healthy ,active lives or are we going to be living lives with long-term illness and health conditions?

Public bodies really need to be focusing on how their decisions  are going to impact in the long-term ,and working together to prevent problems occuring, recognising that no single public body can respond to some of the big challanges that need to be addressed.

In particular , they need to be listening to people, invoving people,and understanding  the lives that people lead.

If we understand what people want, what they need and when they need it we'll be able to respond better as a public sector and deliver better public services.

We've all got a part to play in constructing the Wales that we want to see in the future.

I want to be listening ,learning and challenging us all to achieve that 

“The Five Ways of Working will be at the heart of my work and that of my team – we will be the change we want to see in others” Sophie Howe - Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

My general duties are to : "Promote the sustainable development principle, in particular to act as a guardian of the ability of future generations to meet their needs and encourage public bodies to take greater account of the long- term impact of the things they do."

"Monitor and assess the extent of which well-being objectives set by public bodies are being met"

I can

  • Provide advice to Public Bodies and Public Services Boards.
  • Carry out reviews into how public bodies are taking account of the long-term impact of their decisions.
  • Make recommendations following a review.

The purpose of my organisation has been defined to:

Highlight issues

  • Highlight the big issues ,challenges and opportunities facing future generations .
  • Support and challenge
  • Support and challenge public bodies to think about the long term impact of the things they do.
  • Work together
  • Work with others to drive the changes needed
  • Walk the talk - be the change we want to see in others

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