Stakeholder Priorities Workshop

In July 2017 over sixty organisations and projects in Blaenau Gwent came together to help shape the indicative priorities for future well-being in the area.

Stephen Gillingham, Corporate Director of Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, led the workshop and was joined by Deputy Youth Mayor Samuel Taylor. Samuel outlined the importance of well-being planning for young people, as the future generations of Blaenau Gwent

The workshop allowed the Blaenau Gwent Public Services Board to get a better of understanding participant views, knowledge and experience of the ‘indicative priorities’ that have been developed so far. Those priorities include; tackling adverse childhood experiences, promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviour, encouraging thriving cultural identity and resilience, developing pathways to prosperity and preserving the natural environment.

These priorities were established from the recent Blaenau Gwent We Want engagement programme that gathered a wide range of views from residents across the borough.

Participants were also encouraged to identify how the priorities would meet the five ways of working: long-term, prevention, integration, collaboration and involvement

Thank you to everyone who attended and provided input.

The next step is for the Public Services Board to consider all the feedback and information they’ve had and further develop the priorities into well-being objectives, which will then go out to formal consultation as a draft well-being plan.